Educational Levels Cross Referenced With Political Party By State in 2016 Elections

2016 election results blue states are dumb blue states are smart democrats are dumb democrats are smarter dumbest states educational level by state red states are dumb republican voters are dumb republicans are smarter smartest states smartest states vs political party state education political party which states have the highest education which states have the most degrees

I referenced (from Wikipedia (from census)) the educational levels by state with the political parties chosen in the 2016 elections. As I expected, the higher level of education overall went to the democrats. But it was CLOSE! That, I think is largely because of financial interests. Meaning, advanced degrees go hand in hand with wealth, and wealth tends to lean right. But so, in conclusion, a considerably greater percentage of college educated people lean left.

Educational Levels by State and Political Party in 2016 Election

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